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Hey everyone, Shuffle The Deck Card Traders has a podcast channel on Podbean! Please check it out and support us! Become a patron and help us do amazing things for the community. For example, I am working to coordinate a charitable event at Dodger Stadium. I want to get a luxury suite and invite some colleagues from the collectibles community and about a dozen underprivileged children that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to go to a game. Those of us in collectibles will break boxes of wax to raise money for the kids and their families, as well as the Dodgers Foundation and YMCA. Putting this event on will take a budget of about $15,000, and any financial support to that end will be so greatly appreciated! Your money will go to help a lot of people. I'll be doing more events like this as time goes on, but you can help me put this first one on! Come be a part of the Shuffle The Deck Card Traders Community! You'll be glad you came. 


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